CCTV Monitoring

Accredited  by SAIDSA, we are able to offer off-site CCTV monitoring facilities according to customer requirements.  Our CCTV monitoring centre forms part of our SAIDSA approved control centre that is fuylly equipped and manned on a 24/7 basis.
We offer a huge range of monitoring services ranging from ad hoc video patrols to monitroing by exception.  The off-site monitoring facility is backed by our specialised armed reaction units that will respond to your presmises in the event that emergency is identified by the operator.
We are able to monitor complete CCTV systems via our own network and third party GSM and ADSL networks.
As an alternative to guarding services we are of the opinion that this service is much more reliable and cost effective. 

EPR Red Eye

We are very excited about this unique EPR product.  The EPR Red Eye is a community based iniative started by EPR and allows EPR to monitor points of interest remotely in our control centre.  As a client of EPR you benefit by this iniative as access to the footage is provided FREE of charge to EPR clients.
The EPR Red Eye is ideal solution for communities and CPF's to monitor the street and areas of importance.
Contact us for more information regarding the EPR Red Eye. 
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